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Sharon has actively worked in Fitness Training and teaching since 2001. In 2010 Sharon claimed the National Genesis Body For Life PT of the year with her client reaping numerous lifelong rewards. Sharon’s philosophy is holistic which involves implementing the elements of yoga combined with aerobic and anaerobic training so her clientele meet their personal and professional goals. As a Wellness Coach and Bi-Monthly contributor to Australia’s Ultra Fit Magazine, Sharon is well respected in the fitness arena amongst fellow trainers and her community. An avid on-line blogger Sharon has published many articles on the importance of having the simple skills of First Aid and updating regularly.

Sharon will have you engaged in applying these basic steps and give you the confidence if you’re ever confronted in an emergency situation. All scenarios are relevant and the training equipment is the latest.

Sharon says, “When you’re passionate and value your clientele your business will thrive from the day you open your doors. Having skills such as First Aid gives you and your clients confidence in any given situation. In 2009 I was was confronted with a gym member having a mass heart attack. There seemed to be a lot of throwing hands in the air by by-standers. The quick thinking of first aiders saved her life and these skills need be compulsory in our first world.”

Sharon advanced her skills in First Response Paramedics and joined the Allens Training Team in 2009.



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“Sharon has consistently delivered expert advice in how to Provide & Apply First Aid, and CPR. Each time I have refreshed my certification with Sharon, she has always reassured me the importance in being aware of why maintaining your practice in First Aid & CPR is vital. For the last 10 years I have worked within the Fitness Industry and have regularly found that I have been a First Response Personnel to the scene and each time have helped people, making them feel more comfortable and in good hands. I now recommend Sharon Neish as the Trainer of First & CPR to my Corporate Clubs with Snap Fitness Australia.”Testimonial

Sasha Brisk
Growth & Development Mgr
Snap Fitness Corporate Australia

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